Billy Connolly art exhibition comes to Canberra and Sydney

Billy Connolly’s highly-collection of limited-edition prints and stainless-steel sculptures Born on a Rainy Day is as humorous as his own comedy. It was on a rainy day in 2007 that Billy first put pen to paper. Taking refuge from the grey drizzle of Montreal, Canada, he entered an art shop with a twinkling curiosity and left with an armful of supplies and the urge to create. Back in his hotel room, his felt-tips and sketchbook formed a portal for his imagination. And over the subsequent years his drawings evolved into his debut fine art collection. Billy says” “Drawing has given me a new lease of life. I managed to get pictures together and people like them, which surprises me and amazes and delights me.”

Billy last performed in Australia in 2014, and formally retired from stand-up comedy in December 2020. In March 2022 he released his eighth collection of Born on a Rainy Day. Explaining his flexible approach, Billy says: “It’s lovely, the way people think you do it. People think I paint or draw things on purpose. I don’t, I just draw. And then as it goes on, it becomes obvious what it’s going to be (to me). And then I can think about it along those lines: a horse, a man or a balloon. That’s when I name it – at the end.” 

Extraordinary self-awareness and humanity

Billy’s art has been likened to the cave paintings of the Aurignacian period (40,000-25,000 BC), which are characterised by their linear, one-dimensional approach. Charmingly simplistic, his faceless figures possess an extraordinary self-awareness and humanity. Devoid of emotion or expression, their anonymity opens them up to individual interpretation, creating a unique bond with the viewer.

Harley Medcalf of Duet Group said: “My hope as the Producer of this event, is that we are successful in Canberra and Sydney, and can roll this out to other cities in 2024. Having presented Billy on eight tours over 35 years, I know first-hand how much he is loved in Australia. Working with Billy has been a highlight of my long career and my love and admiration of him personally the motivation for me to run the Exhibition”

Born on a Rainy Day will have an exclusive preview in Canberra:  Hyatt Canberra, November 19 and 20, 10am to 5pm. Premiere Season in Sydney: Hyatt Regency, 166 Sussex S, November 24 – December 23, 10am to 5pm. Free Entry, Original Art, Limited Edition Prints and Sculptures by Billy on sale at the Exhibition only. For more information see:

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  1. Hi,loved the Born on a rainy day exhibition. May I ask what is the price of a limited edition signed print of the Blue Angel drawing? Regards Helen Premetis

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