Virginia International Tattoo 2023-A Tribute to Military Families

The most international cast ever, with performers from nine different countries – including Ukraine!

The 2023 Virginia International Tattoo will feature the largest international cast to date, April 20 – 23 in Norfolk, Virginia. Nine countries will bring their awe-inspiring performers to Norfolk and be a part of the largest spectacle of music and might in the United States. Performers from Australia, Latvia, New Zealand, Singapore, Ukraine, the United Kingdom and more will join the cast in what is sure to be an emotional and inspirational Tribute to Military Families.

As the Tattoo’s Producer/Director, J. Scott Jackson said: “Imagine if Hollywood decided to create an old fashioned epic motion picture with a patriotic theme and you had a chance to see it performed live. You would have: A huge cast, stunning costumes, intricate choreography, a dramatic musical soundtrack, moments of sheer spectacle, stirring pride and patriotism, something to make you laugh, something to make you cry, 2 hours that flew by way too fast and a really good villain. Replace the villain with 125 bag pipers and drummers and you have the 2023 Virginia International Tattoo.”

What is the Tattoo?

The centuries-old tradition of Tattoo originated as a signal from drummers instructing Dutch innkeepers near military garrisons to “Doe den Tap-too” or “turn off the tap”. Hearing the call “Tap-too” soldiers would return to their barracks for an evening roll call. The ensuing parade of soldiers evolved into a military marching band performance now known worldwide as “Tattoo.” The Tattoos seen across the world today are ceremonial performances of military music by massed bands. Each Tattoo is influenced by the culture of the country they represent. Fans of these massed spectacles of music and might flock to the world’s great Tattoos: Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo in Scotland, Basel Tattoo in Switzerland, and Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo in Canada. But the greatest Tattoo in the United States, and rivaling the largest in the world, is the Virginia International Tattoo.

The Virginia International Tattoo is located in the Coastal Virginia city of Norfolk – home to the world’s largest Navy base, NATO’s only North American headquarters, and the largest population of active duty and retired military in the United States. With “home port” in these waters, it is no surprise that the Tattoo is widely known as the most patriotic in the world.

Tickets and Information:, by phone at 757-282-2822, or in person at the Virginia Arts Festival Box Office located at 440 Bank Street, Norfolk, VA 23510. Attending the Virginia International Tattoo When: Thursday, April 20, 7:30 pm, Friday, April 21, 7:30 pm, Saturday, April 22, 7:30 pm, Sunday, April 23, 2:30 pm. Where: Scope Arena, 201 E. Brambleton Avenue, Norfolk, Virginia. Stay up to date: Follow the Virginia International Tattoo on social media platforms @VaTatt and subscribe to the Virginia International Tattoo YouTube page for the latest and greatest content, behind-the-scenes, cast takeovers, and more.

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  1. Are there D D’s avail of the 2023 Tattoo?
    If so how can I order?
    We just attended the Fri evening and I would love to gave it.

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