The Melbourne Highland Games & Celtic Festival

For more than half a century The Melbourne Highland Games & Celtic Festival (MHG&CF) has been held annually within the City of Maroondah. Live events were interrupted in 2020 and 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic but the Games transitioned to a Virtual Highland Games format that was very successful and provided important support to our Games community during that difficult time.

In March 2022 it was the first Highland games to return “live” in Victoria post the pandemic. The Games hosted a very well attended and successful event which was held at Eastfield Park, Croydon for the first time.

The only traditional Highland Games left in metropolitan Melbourne

The great news is that the MHG&CF will be back at Eastfield Park Croydon on Sunday the 26th of March 2023. As the only traditional Highland games left in metropolitan Melbourne we are anticipating that this year’s event will again be very well attended and should be a spectacular day for everyone involved.

The celebration of Scottish and Celtic culture will include hundreds of pipers and for the first time “Highland Muscle” will be staging the Men’s and Women’s Heavy Events. Many forms of Celtic dancers will comprise of Scottish Country dancers, Scottish Highland dancers as well as Welsh and Irish dancers. The folk tent, hosted by the Victorian Folk Club, will be back again so there will be live music being performed throughout the day.

There will be numerous other exhibits and stalls and the committee are working hard to have plenty of activities for children of all ages as well as adults. Last year, most festivals struggled to find the vendors that are an important part of festivals. There should be plenty of food, beverage, memorabilia, crafts and apparel vendors for attendees to spend their money on. Vendors can book a stall at:

The Melbourne Highland Games & Celtic Festival takes place at Eastfield Park, Croydon on Sunday March 26th 2023. For full details please see:

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