Scottish Murders Podcast presents Scottish Collaboration

Podcasts, in 2021 it was reported that there were between 850,000 and 1 million active podcasts, and over 48 million total podcast episodes out there, with the majority of podcasts coming from the United States of America. However, just like with the breath-taking scenery and mouth-watering food, Scotland too boasts some fantastic podcasts and content.

One such podcast is Scottish Murders, which is hosted by Scottish sisters Dawn and Cole, and have been releasing regular podcast episodes since July 2021. Scottish Murders is a podcast dedicated entirely to murders of Scottish people or murders that have taken place in Scotland. While Scottish Murders covers some truly barbaric murders and highlights a darker side to Bonnie Scotland, it also ensures to showcase some good points about the area where a murder took place too.

Showcase some fantastic Scottish podcasts

Dawn, one of the hosts of Scottish Murders, had the idea to bring together as many Scottish podcasters as possible and for them to collaborate together, to really showcase some fantastic Scottish podcasts from genres such as comedy, sport, news, society and leisure, television and film, education, arts and of course true crime. The Scottish Collaboration is an online event that has been organised to take place from Monday 5th December to Sunday 11th December 2022. However, once Dawn had begun the journey of contacting Scottish podcasters to bring them together for this event, the scope broadened slightly, and now small Scottish businesses and musicians will also be taking part in the event so their products and talents can also be showcased.

All information about the Scottish Collaboration as well as details of all participants taking part, can be found at and a full daily schedule of what’s happening on each podcast will be available there closer to the event taking place.

Follow Scottish Murders on social media or check out #scottishcollab to ensure you don’t miss a thing.

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