Glengarry Highland Games 2022-Celebrating McLennan pioneers

This year’s Glengarry Highland Games will be a special time to recognize the McLennan pioneers of south-east Ontario.  In attendance will be the Chief’s Commissioner in Canada, Clan Genealogy worldwide Coordinator and many researchers who have been documenting the Pioneers of Glengarry. Farquhar McLennan, a native of Morvich, near Kintail on the west coast of Scotland, arrived in Canada in 1802 and became a prominent businessman in Glengarry.  It is understood that Farquhar migrated to Canada on the 1802 voyage of the Neptune

His grandson “Big Rory” McLennan (1842-1907) was a champion athlete, famous railway contractor, banker and politician.  In 1891 and 1892 he was elected the member for Glengarry.

McLennan pioneers of Glengarry

Monument to “Big Rory” McLennan and his parents at the Williamstown Church. Photo courtesy Clan MacLennan Genealogy.

Today there are thousands of descendants of the McLennan pioneers of Glengarry. The Clan MacLennan genealogy Glengarry research group is well advanced with documenting the pioneers in Glengarry and their descendants.  Many of the famous Glengarrians are buried at the Williamstown churchyard.  Their research results are available from Numerous members of the research group will be at the Games this year to meet descendants and connections in the Clans area. On the Thursday the MacLennans will be at the Tartan Ball and on Friday they will host a reception in the Clans barn. For more information about Clan MacLennan see the Clans pages in this issue of the Scottish Banner.

Main photo: “Big Rory” McLennan, MP (1842-1907) – Member for Glengarry, served for 3,516 days. Photo courtesy Parliament of Canada.

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  1. My name is Doris Ann McLennan and my father grew up on the family farm on the concession road 2 east of hwy 34. My memories are hazy as I was a little girl in the 1950’s visiting my uncles who lived on the farm. My other uncle Carl had a farm further north, left off the highway on to a road with a train track just south of the road.
    His widow Margaret McLennan lived in WIlliamstown until her death a number of years ago. She compiled a family history with birth/death/marriage dates going back to 1787. It’s long and confusing with lots of handwritten information added.

    Roderick McLennan, GLenelg Invernesshire -Lancaster Ont. 1787-1857
    Alexander R. McLennan 1821-1898
    James Duncan McLennan 1872-1940 (this is my grandfather).
    Robinson McLennan 1907-1984 my father.

    I could scan it and send you a copy if it would be of any use to you.

    Although I do have my aunt’s extensive confusing family history, I have no idea what my grandparents and ancestors were like.
    Do you have any newspaper clippings or other information you could share with me?

  2. Hi Doris

    My name is Donald McLennan. I am with Clan MacLennan Canada. The Clan is actively researching Mc/MacLennan roots in Glengarry.
    We have extensive information on your ancestors in our Genealogy data base including possible parents for Roderick 1787-1857.
    Our records follow you line to your father Robinson McLennan of who we have a number of wonderful photos.
    We have particularly detailed records of your great grandfather Alexander, his wife Margaret Wightman and their children including of course your grandfather James Duncan.

    I would love to be in touch with you.
    My contact details are below.
    Please email me our call me.
    With personal regards.

    Donald McLennan
    Salt Spring Island BC

    Tel: 250-538-5567
    Email: [email protected]

  3. Doris
    If you are the daughter of Bob and Gert McLennan, then we have met. I used to visit your parents. I would love to get un touch with you re McLennan family history.

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