Clan MacNicol Federation World Gathering abandoned

The Clan MacNicol Federation, one of the few Clan organisations to have been granted its own Coat of Arms by Lord Lyon, has had to once again abandon the planned World Gathering in 2021 due to ongoing Covid restrictions and travel problems. The Federation had planned to meet in Dunedin, New Zealand, last year 2020, as a part of its biennial world Gatherings, however this was postponed until 2021 due to the ongoing Covid pandemic.

Now with continuing travel restrictions and even doubt over the Australia / New Zealand travel bubble, it was apparent that members from around the world would not be able to attend, so regrettably the event has been abandoned. The last New Zealand Gathering had been also at Dunedin in 2006. The next proposed Gathering will be on the Isle of Skye in 2023, after the last Gathering was held there in 2018 with over 120 members from worldwide.

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  1. Where/how can we stay up to date on plans for a 2023 clan gathering? Is there a specific date set? My U.S. Nicholsons are ready to travel!

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