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Capercaillie’s Karen Matheson’s solo project “Urram” (Gaelic for Respect) is a musical love letter to her family’s Hebridean roots, with a collection of timeless Gaelic songs, love songs, lullabies, mouth music and evocative poems to the surroundings. 13 tracks: Gura mise tha gu dubhach, A’ Bhirlinn Bharrach, C a’n a dh’fhag thu m’fhichead gini?, Ci an Fhidheall/Cupair thu, taillear thu, Urnaigh a bhan Thigreach, Cha teid mor a Bharraigh Bhronach, Maol Ruanaidh Ghlinneachain, Saoil a mhoir am pos thu and more.

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Karen Matheson


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