Scottish Traditions Volume 14 – Gaelic Stories Told By Peter Morrison

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Volume 14 of the acclaimed Scottish Tradition Series of recordings from the archives of the School of Scottish Studies, University of Edinburgh, featuring Gaelic stories told by Peter Morrison. 6 tracks: Aisling air Te a Chaidh a Bhathadh (A Dream Of A Drowned Woman), Taibhs ag innse mu Ulaidh (A Ghost Tells Of Hidden Treasure), An Crodh Mara (The Sea Cattle), Na Sidhichean a’ Gold Leanabh (A Child Stolen By The Fairies), An Tailleir agus na Mnathan Isgaich (The Tailor And The Fishing Wives) & Gille an Fheadain Duibh (The Lad With The Black Chanter).

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