Scottish Fiddlers Style

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Classic Scottish fiddle tracks performed by some of Scotland’s finest fiddlers – The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra and The Massed Fiddles Of Scotland. What better way to enjoy this instrument, which so epitomises the sound of Scotland, than with this quality recording of many world famous tunes.18 tracks: Opening Patrol – Fiddlers To The Fore,The Six Twenty Two Step,Traditional Reels, Highland Barn Dance,The Orcadian,Gay Gordons,St Andrews Cross, Highland Schottische,The Eightsome Reel,Fiddlers’ Two Step, Lomond Waltz,The Flower Of Portencross, Caddam Wood, Takashi’s Dawn (tone poem),Jake’s Jig Set,The Royal Scots Polka,The Music Of J Scott Skinner & Good Night And Joy Be With You.

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