Dougie MacDougall Of Alturlie And Special Friends – At The End Of A Perfect Day

AUD $24.95



Dubut album from 88 year old Inverness button box player, Dougie MacDougall. This album of 20 carefully selected tracks offers a great mix of tunes including jigs, reels, polkas, waltzes, marches and slow airs. 20 tracks: Ballochyle / Angus MacKinnon, The Centenary Jewel / The 93rd At Modder River, Jeanna MacDougall / Donnchadh / Donella Johnstone, The Shores Of Loch Bee / John P.MacKintosh, Sarah’s Song, Patrick McGovern / The Blackberry Bush / Mrs MacPherson Of Inveran, Dougie MacDougall Of Alturlie / Jimmy The Joiner, Lament For Red Iain, Lexy MacAskill / Captain Lachlan MacPhail Of Tiree / The Reunion Reel, Millbank Cottage / Irene Meldrum’s Welcome To Bon Accord, The Dark Island, Lady In The Bottle / Ness Bothan / Kenny Gilles Of Portnalong,  Farquhar And Hettie’s Waltz / Mo Mhathair / Pretty Bay, Donald McKay Of Upper Barvas / P/M Jim Christie Of Wick, Crossing The Minch / The Brolum,  Argyllshire Gathering / The Sprig Of Ivy, Spootiskerry / The Silver Walk / Itchy Fingers, I Have A Bonnet Trimmed With Blue / Primrose Polka, Lady Lever Park / The Conundrum & At the End Of A Perfect Day: The Eternal Surge of the Sea (An Aitearachd Ard).

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