The Greater Glasgow Police Pipe Band- Ceolry

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The Greater Glasgow Police Scotland Pipe Band recorded live at the annual 2014 Pre-World’s Concert from the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. Info: 13 Tracks: Hornpipes: Mrs Lillian Magee / White Mountain Weasel / The Ramnee Ceilidh, Mabou Jig Set: Ronald Mackenzie Of Milton And Mabou / Archie McNab / 9/8 Jig / The Judges Dilemma, Gaelic Songs: Fraoch A Ronaigh /Thug Mi Gaol Dhut, Thug Mi Gradh / Hi Ho Leagain, Solo Pipe Set: McKerrals Fancy / Barry Brougham’s Beard / Doctor MacPhail’s Reel / Back Of The Moon / Banjo Breakdown, Gaelic March Set: Morag Leat Shiubhlainn / Mal Na Mara / The Road To Loch Nam Bairneas / Hug Oreann O Ro Gur Toigh Fhin Thu, Drummers Fanfare: The Front Row Duck, Strathspey And Jig Set: Back To Glasgow And Back To Back Again / Bridge To Jig / Miss Campbell Of Sheerness / The Eavesdropper / The Humours Of Whiskey / Old Womans Dance / The Shepherd And Goatherd / The Gathering, Slow Reel: Farley Bridge, Slow Air, Strathspey And Reel Set: Lightly Swims The Swan / Miss Victoria Ross(Strathspey) /Miss Victoria Ross (Reel) /Lady Margaret Stewart / Port A Beul / Lord McConnell Of Lough Erne And Lochend, The Silver Creek / Bernera Bridge / Nightmare On Ringhaddy Avenue / A’Direadh ‘sa Tearnadh na Beinne Moire, WW1 Set: The Battle Of The Somme / Letter To His Lover / WW1 Waltz / An Eala Bhan, Set Of Reels: He Mandu / The Traditional Reel / The Pitnacree Ferryman / Screapadal Schottishe / Quirang Quickstep / Sandy Cameron / Sandy Duff / He Mandu & 6/8 March: Auld Adam.

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Greater Glasgow Police Scotland Pipe Band


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