Burns An’a’ that-The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra

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The SFO in their history have embraced all manner of musical projects but this interpretation of the life, loves and works of Scotland’s greatest bard, Robert Burns, stands out as one of the best.Cantata – ‘Till A’ The Seas Gang Dry tell of the life of Robert Burns through his love songs and his relationships, both amorous and intellectual,to the women in his tragically short life. Overture – Tam O’Shanter and Cutty-Sark. One of the greatest poems ever written, telling of man’s folly if he lets things go too far. The dramatic story of Tams encounter with the world of witches and warlocks is illustrated and dramatised by the dynamic music of the day and driven by the energy of the orchestra.This DVD also contains a booklet giving much more detail of the works and an interview with John Mason MBE, the Conductor and Director of Music for the orchestra describing his motivation and passion that inspired him to arrange these pieces

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