50 Great Songs – Limited Edition (3CD and DVD)

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50 CD tracks and 11 DVD tracks. A compilation of fifty all-time favourite Runrig songs on three CDs, plus a bonus DVD of eleven songs performed live. Taken from the albums The Stamping Ground, Everything You See, In Search Of Angels, Proterra, Mara, Transmitting Live, Day Of Days DVD, Year Of The Flood DVD, The Big Wheel, The Greatest Flame, Amazing Things and The Cutter And The Clan. Includes two recordings of Runrig songs by Cathy Ann McPhee and Dick Gaughan, and also featuring The Craigie Choir and The Glasgow Islay Gaelic Choir.
DVD: Siol Ghoraidh, Hearts Of Olden Glory, Intro, Beat The Drum, Proterra, Ocean Road, Protect And Survive, Skye, Clash Of The Ash, Edge Of The World and Loch Lomond.
CD1: Wall Of China, This Day, Clash Of The Ash, Life Is, And The Accordions Played, Running To The Light, One Thing, Book Of Golden Stories, The Ship, The Stamping Ground, The Wedding, In Search Of Angels, In Scandinavia, The Message, Atoms, Maymorning, Dance Called America and Flower Of The West.
CD2: Year Of The Flood Remix, The Old Boys, Empty Glens, Gabriel’s Sword, Road Trip, Mighty Atlantic, Hearthammer, Edge Of The World, Beat The Drum, Hearts Of Olden Glory, Ocean Road, Proterra, Every River, Big Skye, Protect And Survive and Skye.
CD3: Abhainn An t-Sluaigh, Oran, Sona, An Dealachadh, Sabhal Aig Neill, Siol Ghorraidh, An t-Iasgair, Chi Mi’n Geamhradh, An Toll Dubh, Faileas Air An Airidh, Alba, Canada, n Ubhal As Airde, Pog Aon Oidhche Earraich, Cho Buidhe ‘s A Bha I Riabh and Cum ‘Ur.

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