Ayrshire baker kick off Euro 2024 with Scotland’s first official Tartan Army Pie

Scotland may have already exited the Euro 2024  championships, but one of the largest traditional craft bakeries in Scotland has kicked off this year’s European Football Championship by launching the country’s first official Tartan Army Pie. Ayrshire-based Brownings the Bakers released its latest savoury showstopper ahead of Scotland’s first match against Germany in the Euros.

Made with a traditional Scottish beef mince and tattie filling and a puff pastry top, Tartan Army Pies will hit shelves from 11 June in all 105 Aldi stores in Scotland, more than 100 Spar stores, selected Morrisons, and Brownings’ own six retail outlets in Ayrshire and the pies will be available throughout the summer.

World Scotch Pie Championships

Brownings currently holds the title of the Best Steak Pie in Scotland for its Kilmarnock Pie from the World Scotch Pie Championships. The family firm has twice been named World Scotch Pie Champions for their Scotch Pie, as well as British and Scottish Baker of the Year.

John Gall, Managing Director of Brownings the Bakers, said: “We’re really proud to be kicking off this year’s Euros with the launch of Scotland’s first official Tartan Army Pie. We wanted to create a showstopping pie that not only reflects the quality and heritage of our family craft bakers, but something that the nation could take to its heart as we support our national football team this summer. Our Tartan Army Pie has a traditional Scottish beef mince and tattie filling and delicious puff pastry top, which we hope will appeal to football fans and pie lovers across Scotland.”

Established in 1945, Brownings already has a strong link with Scottish football due to its award-winning Kilmarnock Pie. The company also sponsored Kilmarnock Football Club for three seasons. Despite being a ‘Kilmarnock’ Pie, Brownings’ famous pie is loved by football and pie fans across the country.

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