Lord Reay inaugurated as 29th Chief of Clan Mackay at ceremony in Sutherland

The inauguration of the Chief of the Clan Mackay took at Strathnaver Museum in Sutherland, on Saturday 19th August. The recently refurbished museum is located in the heart of traditional Mackay territory and is home to the Clan Mackay Centre. During the inauguration, Aeneas Simon Mackay, 15th Lord Reay was officially appointed as the 29th Chief of Clan Mackay. He inherits the title and related responsibilities of Chief of Mackay following the death of his father, Sir Hugh William Mackay (14th Lord Reay) in 2013.  Organised by the Clan Mackay Society, the inauguration ceremony was conducted in accordance with ancient Highland customs and traditions dating back to pre-Christian Scotland. The ceremonial gathering was centred on and incorporate the Farr Stone, which is an ancient standing stone carved with Celtic symbols. It has been a monument in Farr since at least the 9th century. Following a procession of pipers and banner bearers the Chief was officially inaugurated by the clan in a ceremony with centuries-old roots. In assuming the leadership responsibilities of Chief of Mackay, Lord Reay will ensure that the traditions and customs of Clan Mackay which have been passed down for generations are respected and preserved for future generations.

The importance of ancestral history

As Lord Reay (Chief of the Clan Mackay) commented:  “The role of the Clan Chief in modern times, although largely ceremonial, consists of representing the clan and its heritage to the wider world. The Chief, as I see it, is responsible for ensuring that the next generation understands the importance of their ancestral history. As such, the role is somewhat ambassadorial in nature, representing the clan in a positive light whilst preserving and promoting its cultural heritage”. The Chief and his family were joined at the ceremony by hundreds of Clan Mackay members from across the globe, representatives of the local community, invited dignitaries and Clan Chiefs.  A weekend of celebrations in the local area to commemorate the event included a meet and greet reception at Bettyhill Village Hall; traditional ceilidh and music at Strathy Hall; a service in Melness Church; and visits to clan Mackay sites of historical significance.

For more information on the Clan Mackay Society see: www.clanmackaysociety.co.uk

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  1. Thank you for reporting on this significant event for Mackays around the world. Right now we have active Societies in Scotland, USA, Canada and Germany and all were represented and we would love to widen our reach. We hosted 11 different nationalities over the weekend so lots of potential out there.

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