The Bundanoon Stones-A feat of strength at the Bundanoon Highland Gathering

It is with great pleasure that the Bundanoon Highland Gathering announce the following competitors for the events being run by the Kilted Warriors under the direction of Dr. Lance Holland-Keen and Aaron Monks The Brigadoon committee would like to express their deep appreciation and congratulate the Kilted Warriors for their continual support at Bundanoon At 3.10pm, on the oval The Kilted Warriors will be lifting the Bundanoon Stones.  Could this be the best challenge ever?

The weight of the stones are 100kgs 115kgs 125kgs 140kgs and 165kgs.  This should be an outstanding event this year as these are the top athletes in the games at the present time: Strongmen Andrew Fraser, Hank Theunissen, Luke Reynolds and Rongo Keene will all compete in the Lifting of the Bundanoon Stones and the Australian Highland Heavy Weight Championships.

A full day of entertainment

The Rt. Honourable the 15th Earl of Loudoun, Simon Abney-Hastings.

Also on display at Bundanoon will be the Street Parade at 9am, Opening and Closing Ceremonies. Enjoy wonderful displays of Scottish Highland Dancing and the Country Dancing on the main oval during the day. Listen to the twenty-five pipe bands who are scheduled to perform, including an incredible massed bands performance with a moving lone piper display.

The Chieftain of the Day will be The Rt. Honourable the 15th Earl of Loudoun. Simon Abney-Hastings is an Australian Earl who is the current holder of one of the oldest Scottish noble titles, Earl of Loudoun. Also on display will be Swordplay School of Theatrical Fencing & Stage Combat and Mary Kiani will be performing Scottish classics in the Fiddlers Tent, where you can also tap along to the Sydney Scottish Fiddlers. Kids will have much to enjoy at the Bonnie Bairns Competition and other children’s events. A variety of Scottish Clans and Societies will also be represented, be sure to visit the Clan village to learn about your ancestry and how to become involved in the Scottish community. A huge array of food and stalls will also be dotted around the field to pick up great gifts and experience a taste of Scotland. So, get your kilt on for the Kilted Dash, or just to walk around and soak up the atmosphere of Bundanoon is Brigadoon.

The Bundanoon Highland Gathering takes place April 1st in Bundanoon in the NSW Southern Highlands. For details and tickets see:                   

Did you know?

-Modelled on the MacGlashen Stones from Scotland they consist of a set of five round stones ranging from 90 kg to 165 kg in weight.

-Only five of the stones are used at any one time with the current competition set comprising the 115kgs, 120kgs, 125kgs, 140kgs and 165kgs.

-The stones vary in size from 43 centimetres to a massive 50 centimetres or half metre in a diameter.

-The history of the stones goes back over one thousand years to the highlands of Scotland when a boy was considered to have reached manhood when he could lift two stone in weight from the bare ground onto the top of a stone dyke or fence as we know it.

-Most villages took part in this exercise and the stones varied from village to village.

-In the late 1970’s the lifting of the stones was brought back to life in Scotland with the introduction of the MacGlashsen Stones.

-The five round stones range in weight from 90 kg through to 165 kg. The stones are laid out five metres apart lightest to heaviest with each competitor having to lift all five stones on top of a wooden barrel four feet in height.

-The person who can lift all five stones on top of the barrels in the fastest time is declared the champion of the day.        

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  1. WOW, that’s quite a write up, absolutely brilliant gathering, but I’m biased

    We’re looking forward to celebrating Brigadoon on the 1st April and with publicity like this I hope 1000s are coming along to enjoy a family friendly day out.

  2. Fascinating that the traditonal MacGlshen stones should hve weights that translate precisely as “The five round stones range in weight from 90 kg through to 165 kg. The stones are laid out five metres apart “.

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