Multiverse celebrates the Summer Solstice

Crawick Multiverse held a special sunrise-to-sunset summer solstice celebration – a chance to enjoy the longest day amidst a spectacular 55-acre environmental artwork inspired by the sun and stars.  The site features standing stones, a great avenue, huge mounds and the beautiful Sun Amphitheatre. Summer Solstice at the Multiverse held activities that gently enhance the experience of being in a place specifically designed to link us to the cosmos.

Events included music, outdoor theatre, tai chi and yoga sessions around various parts of the Multiverse – with a special performance from the top of the mounds that represent the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies.

The idea was for visitors to have the time and space to mark the solstice in their own way, enjoying a site that many feel has a sense of spirituality akin to ancient henges and stone circles. It also represents the next stage in the emergence of the art installation, created by the late Charles Jencks, into an outdoor events and performance venue. 

A cosmic landscape worthy of the ancients

Sharon Glendinning, Crawick Multiverse General Manager, said in the lead up to the event: “Crawick Multiverse was created by Charles Jencks to be ‘a cosmic landscape worthy of the ancients’ and is the perfect place to celebrate the solstice. The events and activities we have planned are intended to be engaging and fun, while bringing people closer to the tranquillity of the natural world around us, and the wider universe.”

Crawick is situated in the hills between Sanquhar and Kirkconnel, on the border of Dumfries and Galloway and Ayrshire. Crawick Multiverse is a spectacular land art installation created and inspired by Charles Jencks thinking about space, astronomy and cosmology. It was a major land restoration project, transforming 55 acres of former open cast mining into an inspirational landscape, unique destination and visitor attraction.

Crawick Multiverse reflects both the ecology and geology of the region where it stands. It has many spectacular features for visitors to enjoy which include 2,000 boulders were used to create Crawick Multiverse, the Northpoint provides a 20-mile 360-degree panoramic view and the Sun Amphitheatre at the heart of the Multiverse and can hold approximately 3,500 spectators.

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