North American Scottish cultural leaders join forces in hosting Virtual Tartan Day

Project 1320 established to be global Scottish arts celebration.

The producers of Tartan Day on Ellis Island and Tartan Day Ottawa have joined forces to launch a new global Tartan Day initiative.  Dismayed over the cancellation of so many Tartan Day activities, Robert Currie, Commander of the Name and Arms of Currie and Bethany Bisaillion, Pipe Major for the Sons of Scotland Pipe Band have created a virtual concert hall on Facebook to showcase Scots talent across the Diaspora.

Commenting on the initiative, Currie remarked, “We wanted to create a platform where performers from beginners to professionals could post their work for all to enjoy. Both Bethany and I have been producing Tartan Day events for over 15 years and we were both heartsick that the global pandemic has caused the cancellation of our events and also Highland games and gatherings. We devised this platform to permit us to celebrate our Scottish heritage in a safe and socially distanced way.”

Long-time supporters of Scottish heritage

Bisaillion added, “Bob and I have been long-time supporters of Scottish heritage and culture and once we put our heads together, it didn’t take long to conclude that this virtual “open mic” experience might just fit the bill.”

Both Bisaillion and Currie have a considerable contact base in the global Scottish arts community, so this program promises to be a success.  The duo has established a lofty goal for their program – collecting 1320 performance submissions by Tartan Day on April 6. Currie added, “We know we’ve set a high bar with this program, but why not? Social media is flooded with musicians, singers, dancers and the like that are offering their considerable talent, all we’re doing is aggregating these performances in one spot.”

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