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May 2024 (Vol. 47, Number 11)

The Banner Says…

Watchers of the Monster

Gracing our front cover: A Celebration of Highland Dance in New York. Photo courtesy of Fling Together Collective.

Welcome to May where many will start to visit Scotland’s shores for the upcoming travel season. As the days get longer in Scotland and the weather improves many events start to kick off across the country. One event that is taking place this month is happening at what must be considered Scotland’s most mysterious place, Loch Ness.

For anyone who has visited the UK’s largest body of fresh water will know not only how beautiful it is but also famous. The legend of the Loch Ness Monster, or also lovingly known as Nessie, is known the world over and excites the imagination of many visitors to Scotland.

Sir Edward Mountain

This year marks the 90th anniversary of Sir Edward Mountain’s famous expedition with the ‘Watchers of the Monster’, an expedition in which 20 men with cameras and binoculars were placed around the cold dark waters of the loch for five weeks in 1934. This was the first organised surface watch of Loch Ness, and its very famous resident, with over twenty sightings recorded by Mountain’s team. Sir Edward was a business magnate and the founder of Eagle Star Insurance which became one of the largest insurance companies in the United Kingdom.

Later this month in honour of the anniversary of that expedition a search is again being planned (May 30-June 2nd) with the hopes that our advancing technology will further assist the organisers, Loch Ness Centre and Loch Ness Exploration, in finding some answers to the many questions many still have about the elusive monster.


Organisers are aware of many potential sightings and strange noises heard from the depths of Loch Ness, The Loch Ness Centre is planning an even bigger search as it continues its goal of uncovering the loch’s mysteries. Whether you are sitting by the edge of the loch looking or perhaps sitting at home across the world and viewing by webcam everyone is being invited to help look for Nessie. This includes scientists and universities, as well as pioneers of exploration NASA to provide equipment and expertise in the search. With new equipment from experts the Loch Ness Centre is hoping science can help uncover the mysteries of the loch and the unexplainable sightings since the Watchers of the Monster expedition 90 years ago.

For several decades there has been reported sightings of Nessie, with the most recent being in April 2024. Last year, one of the biggest searches of Loch Ness took place as we reported, with a hydrophone capturing loud underwater noises and several potential sightings.

Paul Nixon, General Manager of the Loch Ness Centre, said: “Last year we captured the world’s attention with one of the biggest ever searches for Nessie, with participants joining us from America, Canada, France, Italy, Japan and more. With unexplained noises heard, alongside possible sightings, this year we are determined to find out more about the elusive Loch Ness Monster. As well as asking for the help of budding monster hunters to help us on our quest, we are asking for the help of experts. We’re excited to make this search the biggest ever, as we look for new equipment to help us uncover the loch’s biggest mysteries.”

In this issue

Whilst Nessie may hide from the limelight tartan, tweed and Scottish design was proudly on show recently in Toronto for the Dressed to Kilt fashion event. This was the first time the ‘world’s most prestigious Scottish fashion show’ was presented outside the USA and celebrated both Scottish and Canadian designers. Tartan of course was the showstopper and as many readers of this publication will agree, is always in fashion.

With many celebrations taking place across North America last month for Tartan Day it was wonderful to see Highland Dance being recognised in New York City. With dancers from across the world taking part highlighting this skilled tradition of Scottish culture.

I have been fortunate to have visited Culzean Castle, the castle perched on the Ayrshire cliffside, a couple of times. Whether it has been strolling through the grounds or taking in the incredible interiors it really is something you should consider adding to your Scottish itinerary.

Water beast

The Loch Ness Centre, which was reopened last year following a renovation, is located at the old Drumnadrochit Hotel, where, 90 years ago, hotel manageress Mrs Aldie Mackay reported seeing a ‘water beast’ in Loch Ness – sparking our modern-day interest in the phenomenon.

Will the US space agency take up the offer to get involved with the search for one of this planet’s biggest mysteries? Time will tell but it does not take rocket science to know the legend of Loch Ness is bigger than any underwater monster might be and regardless of what they do or don’t discover the legend will live on.

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