The Celtic heart of Melbourne beats strongly at the 2024 Melbourne Highland Games & Celtic Festival

The Melbourne Highland Games & Celtic Festival has been around for more than half a century and, as the only traditional Scottish Highland games remaining in metropolitan Melbourne, we intend to be around for another 50 years. The first Highland Games in Ringwood started from a desire to connect to Scottish culture, to bring people together and to celebrate Scots in Australia through staging a Highland Games in the tradition of the ancient Scottish Highland Games.

From the humble beginnings as the Ringwood Highland Games, this community event has survived many challenges and have now grown to be a vibrant diverse Celtic Festival celebrating our shared Celtic culture through music, dance, cuisine, athletics and great craic. To use a very Scottish expression this year’s event is promising to be a “braw” event.

Victorian Pipe Band Championships

The Games are very excited to be the host for the Victorian Pipe band Championships. The last time they were to host the Championships in 2020 it had to be cancelled, so many are working hard to make this year’s championships very special. The plans are to host the Games biggest championships ever with up to 30 bands competing from mainly Victoria. The last two events have been well attended with bumper crowds. When you look at the calibre of the music, dancing, Games and vendors on offer that is not surprising. The 30 or so clans that come to the Games to attest to that.

Development of Heavy Games – International Status

There were no heavy games staged at the Games for 17 years. Five years ago, they worked hard and managed to re-instate the heavy games. Since their re-introduction, they expanded to a full program of Heavy Events that include men and women competitors. This year will be a brilliant lead-up to our March 2025 event which will, for the first time, be an international event with up to 30 athletes joining the Games from overseas.

Dance program

The diversity of our dance program is another aspect of our Games that has flourished over the past five years. We have a dozen different dance groups performing all day. A testament to the calibre of our dancers is that many have been invited to perform at other festivals all over the world.

All are welcome at the Games and there is something for all ages at the festival. The range and extent of our event is such that you can attend and find yourself entertained all day, not just for an hour or two. Whether it be the games, music, dancing, connecting to your clan or browsing the many vendors we have at our event, you can be sure of a full day’s entertainment at the Melbourne Highland Games & Celtic Festival.

The Melbourne Highland Games & Celtic Festival takes place on Sunday 24 March 2024, at Eastfield Park, 119 Eastfield Rd, Croydon, Victoria.  For tickets and details see:

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