Falkirk FC launch Heritage Kit for the 2023/24 season

Falkirk Football Club are pleased to announce the launch of their new Heritage Kit for season 2023/24, which is the first in a series which will pay homage to people, events or landmarks strongly connected with Falkirk and Falkirk District, as they look ahead to their 150th anniversary in season 2026-27. This season the striking yellow and dark blue design features the embattled motif from Falkirk’s coat of arms on its front. This is based on the original Livingston of Callendar crest, with the embattlement feature later added to signify the Antonine Wall which runs through the town.

Sir John de Graeme

The rear commemorates the life and death of one of Falkirk District’s most famous sons, Sir John de Graeme/Graham. Born in the 13th century at Dundaff Castle, John de Graeme was considered to be William Wallace’s right-hand man, fighting at Stirling Bridge and losing his life at the Battle of Falkirk in 1298. 2023 marks the 725th anniversary of the battle and the back of the strip features the lion rampant, 1298 and the Graeme coat of arms which adorns Sir John’s tomb in the graveyard of Falkirk Old Parish, the site of the original ‘speckled church’ from which Falkirk derives its name.

Wallace was said to be distraught at his friend’s death, and the top is signed off with a line from Blind Harry’s epic 15th century poem The Wallace in which he describes the outpouring of grief from all of the local townsfolk who attended Sir John’s funeral. Today, the name of Sir John de Graeme/Graham lives on in Falkirk in the Grahamston District, Grahamston Train Station and Graham’s Road, as well as the Graeme Hotel and Graeme High School whose badge also carries the clam shell motifs from the Graham coat of arms.

As a mark of respect the third strip will remain sponsor free and a share of profits from all match-worn and replica sales will be donated to charity. Dundaff Castle lies at the head of the Carron Valley so, in memory of Sir John de Graeme, Strathcarron Hospice has been chosen as the beneficiary for this season.

The club also wishes to express its deep gratitude to The Society of John Graeme for their help and support with the launch of the kit.

For more information on Falkirk FC see: www.falkirkfc.co.uk, or to learn more about Sir John de Graeme or The Society of John Graeme: www.the-society-of-john-de-graeme.weebly.com or www.facebook.com/societyofjohndegraeme

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