The inauguration of the Celtic Nations Monument

Nestled in amongst the iconic Brisbane River, the venerable Wesley Hospital and popular Auchenflower Stadium, the historical Moorelands Park, Brisbane proved to be a truly ideal setting in not only installing the Celtic Stones Monument as a tribute to all Celtic Nations but also the ideal venue for a day of dedication and celebration of all that is Celtic. Billowing clouds occasionally swept across the sky during the ceremony but the dark clouds, breezy conditions or threatening horizons couldn’t dampen the enthusiasm and celebration of the day.

Celtic stones

Sunday the 8th of October 2023 will forever be recorded in Brisbane history as the date of the Celtic Council of Australia’s (Queensland) Inc. (CCAQ) Inauguration of the Celtic Nations Monument. Much preparation had gone into the setting up of the site with the grounds ringed by a row of tents representing a number of Celtic organisations, the undercover seating, the stage and of course the Standing Stones. In connecting Brisbane with the Celtic nations, what better way to acknowledge that ancient Northern tradition with a Southern Hemisphere nuance. As a result, the Brisbane Celtic Stones are configured in the shape of the Southern Cross. A truly local touch to the Celtic past. After the Ceremony, a splendid free concert was then provided by representatives of all the various Celtic nations.

What are Celtic Stones? The concept is ancient, and their true origins are clouded in the mists of time. However, research has discovered Celts raised the stones to commemorate a notable event, in identifying the seasons to assist in the sowing and harvesting of crops but most importantly as the principal venue for Celts to gather in celebration.

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