New entrants sweep the boards at 30th Golden Spurtle World Porridge Making Championship

First time competitor Adam Kiani, representing Pakistan, has been crowned World Porridge Making Champion after beating competitors from around the world at the 30th World Porridge Making Championship, which took place in the Highland village of Carrbridge. Adam was amongst 30 competitors competing for the highly-coveted title of World Porridge Making Champion and the Golden Spurtle trophy. The 2023 event had a truly international flavour attracting competitors from UK shores and as far afield as USA, Canada, Cyprus, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Pakistan, Indonesia, Netherlands, and Germany.

High quality of the entrants

An overjoyed Adam said “I am delighted and humbled to win this great event, especially considering the high quality of the entrants and their creations. It’s been a really great day, and I am totally over the moon to be crowned a World Champion. This will take time to sink in.” In addition to the main competition, the title of Speciality Porridge Champion is awarded to the creator of a sweet or savoury dish where oatmeal can be combined with any other ingredients. The Speciality Dish was won by another first-time entrant Bobby Fisher from London. Bobby said “I am overjoyed with winning this award and hope my good friend Charlie who is local to Carrbridge is proud. We always joked about entering the World Porridge Championships and winning the Golden Spurtle. It’s t-oat-ally a dream come true.”

Oatmeal, water and salt

The title of World Porridge Making Champion is awarded to the contestant deemed to have made the best traditional porridge using just three ingredients – oatmeal, water and salt. Charlie Miller the 2023 Porridge Chieftain of the World Porridge Making Championship said: “It has been wonderful to have porridge fans, their supporters and so many visitors attend the 30th edition of this great event. We are delighted the competition continues to attract new and inspirational contestants. What started all these years ago as very much as a small local event has grown to be a highlight of Scotland’s food and drink calendar. It’s truly wonderful to see competitors from around the world coming to Carrbridge with such enthusiasm for both the competition but also being here in Carrbridge.”

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