Berry Celtic Festival unites Celtic spirits

The sixteenth Berry Celtic Festival on the 27 May 2023, is a uniting of Celtic spirits. Many enjoy Celtic gatherings as a place to reflect on past stories, our family histories and give life to the faces in yellowing photos. That moment when the mass bands stream onto the arena causes us, like our ancestors, to hear the cries of the bag pipes rallying emotions – causing us to feel the mystical spirits of the past. Such as the ghost of Robbie the Bruce standing on the hill, sword raised encouraging us to push forward in our daily lives with conviction and passion.

At Celtic Festivals across the country, clans are represented by their regents and commissioners – all playing a part in the tapestry of clan life. These representatives, attend events to make themselves available to talk about clan history and organisation structures.  This year we will have a unique gathering of representatives of the Clan Buchanan Chief’s Council in attendance. The people key in the 2022 inauguration activities of the Chief in Scotland, who are now taking the clan into the future.

The 2023 Berry Celtic Festival will be building on last year’s castle keep feel with the stalls, Scottish soldiers’ camp, Celtic musicians, the spinners and weavers, and artisans forming an avenue around the parade ground where the pipes and drum bands, knights on steeds, dancers and Scottish soldiers feature in the entertainment program. Games, tea, coffee and scones, crafts, a steam engine, fiddles, kilts, long socks, sashes, feathers all at the Berry Showground on the 27 May 2023.

The Rotary Club of Berry stages the Celtic Festival as a fund-raising activity where proceeds go towards disaster relief projects, education programs, and community development. Join us … the $15 entry fee will allow you to unite with your Celtic spirit.

The Berry Celtic Festival takes place in Berry, NSW. Check the website for full details and ticketing arrangements.

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