20th Scottish North American Community Conference

The Scottish North American Community Conference (SNACC) will take place in person in New York, and online, over the weekend of October 21 – 23.  Celebrating its 20th year of this annual conference of leading members of the Scottish American Diaspora, this year the Conference will discuss  ‘How Do We in North America Express Our Scottishness’.

The Conference opens with remarks from Dr Joseph Morrow, Lord Lyon of the Lyon Court as we will explore how one’s expression of our Scottishness is based in the where, how, and why our ancestors left Scotland plus most importantly revealed through the lens of who we are today. 

As the Diaspora nation having by far the highest percentage of Scottish ancestry,  both aspects significantly differ for Canada from the USA.   Our Canadian contingent for the conference will deliver their perspectives on the significant Scottish contributions which are found in all facets of our shared experience as we discuss this aspect to our opening up the discussion between the USA and Canada.

Celebrating our Scottishness

Continuing on Saturday with opening remarks from Chris Thomson, Scottish Affairs Counsellor to North America, which will be followed by the Conference’s keynote remarks on October 22nd, will be given by Professor Sir Tom Devine, one of Scotland’s most distinguished historians.  Sir Tom’s theme is Icons of Scottishness: the intriguing origins of Tartanry and Highlandism – examining a topic which has had a huge impact, not only on the identity of the American and Canadian Scottish diasporas from the nineteenth century to the present, but on the world’s perception of Scotland itself, leading into discussion of:

•Early formation of clubs and organizations and where we are today

•Discussion of the World of Clan and Family Societies and

•The Next Generation, social media – the changes in communications

The afternoon begins with remarks from The Convenor is Donald MacLaren of MacLaren and Achleskine, 25th Chief of the Clan Labhran.

Panel discussions will include discussions on

•Highland Games – New Directions

•Celebrating our “Scottishness” with an introduction from Alan Beck of the Robert Burns World Federation. From Burns Suppers and St Andrew’s dinners, to the National Tartan Week celebrations, kilted golf,  Kilt Skate, etc.

On the Sunday morning SNACC will hear news of the year ahead from Scotland to the USA, fashion, food, events and more

Organized by co-founders the Chicago Scots and American Scottish Foundation (ASF), together with Detroit St Andrews, CASSOC, COSCA and the Scottish Studies Foundation, SNACC 2022 is available online or in person in New York hosted by the ASF.

Join for all or part of the conference – or join for the evening programming. To learn more and to make a reservation to join SNACC online or in person – or for the evening events on October 21 or 22, visit SNACC website at https://scottishleadershipconference.com/

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