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September 2018 (Vol. 42, Number 03)

The Banner Says…

Many readers of the Scottish Banner no doubt take the chance to embrace our heritage by attending a Highland Games, whether it be near or far, to celebrate Scotland with like-minded friends old and new.

In any given month we list hundreds of Scottish events on our website, and in each edition, from around the world allowing us to have one of the most comprehensive international Scottish events listings available anywhere.

I have attended hundreds of Highland Games and Scottish/ Celtic events across the world and regardless of where I am, I always am checking the weather in the lead up to the big day. I am sure that is something that many a reader can relate to.

I was recently at a Highland Games which began with blue sunny skies and no wind, a perfect day for a Games. However as the day progressed the winds picked up and a dark clouds approached, as I scrambled to close down the Scottish Banner tent I wondered if I could get everything packed away safely.

All in it together

As one of my display items hurled across the field it hit someone’s legs, thankfully not causing any injury, he brought it over to me and said; “You are going to need some help here!” He and his friend jumped into action and helped me get everything away safely with not one minute to spare before the heavens opened as the wind whirled around us. I have witnessed this incredible act of community kindness before and am sure some readers have helped or been helped at events in the past.

On another occasion my van got bogged in the ground and I was helped by some of the heavy events men and women who pushed out my van like it was a shopping trolley. I was so thankful to them but they insisted it was no big deal and that “we were all in it together”. This sums up so many people that attend Scottish events around the world, happy to help each other and look out for one another.

So make sure you check our calendar of events and find a Scottish community event you can attend. You may just run into one of the many kind Scots I have, and find reason to join one of the many great Scottish organisations our community offers. The international Scottish community is very fortunate to have so much on offer year round, and so many great people running, participating and attending these events.

In this issue

Speaking of community groups, this month we speak to an re-enactment group in Scotland who are passionate about sharing the story of Scotland to the wider community. The Society of John De Graeme promote not only an important figure in Scottish history but the overall story of Scotland itself. These passionate volunteers spend many personal hours away from family and friends to engage with people and the Society’s Convener David Keith is a great example of Scots promoting their own history.

The story of Scotland has been told many times over in word with hundreds of books documenting Scotland’s struggles, humour and individuals. Readers of the Scottish Banner no doubt love a good page turner much like those who will be visiting the 20thWigtown Book Festival in Galloway this month. The Festival has not only become a major event for the region but also a fantastic platform for Scottish writers and has given the town of Wigtown a new lease of life. How amazing that books can have such a profound impact on a town and its people and that in itself is a story worth telling.

This month the eyes of the world will be on Dundee and the opening of the V&A Dundee (Victoria and Albert Museum), the only other V&A Museum anywhere in the world outside London. V&A Dundee will be Scotland’s first international centre of design and is part of a major revamp of the city. Scotland’s fourth largest city is now the capital of cool and is the UK’s only UNESCO designated City of Design. Dundee has been declared Scotland’s sunniest city and it will no doubt be in the spot light not only this month but for the foreseeable future.

The kindness of Scots

In last month’s editorial I spoke of the passing of my father Jim Cairney. Whilst our family is still working through the sadness of this, I have been so touched by the great many comments of support I have received from people around the world. Some know me or my Dad and some of us have never met but the compassion from the Scottish community has been incredible. Though I know my Dad would say “That’s what Scots do!”

It again affirms to me the kindness of Scots and the friendship that we have within the readership of the Scottish Banner.

To the two gents who helped pack up the Scottish Banner tent recently, thank you for your kindness that day, and no doubt it’s simply what you do…

Have you had an act of kindness from a fellow Scot you wish to honour or recognise?  Share your story with us by email, post or at www.scottishbanner.com/contact-us

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