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Gracing our front cover: The drive through Glen Docherty, Wester Ross on the North Coast 500. Photo: Steve Carter.

July 2018 (Vol. 42, Number 01)

The Banner Says…

Celebrating 150 years of Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Last month the city of Glasgow celebrated the 150th birthday of one Scotland’s most influential art figures, Charles Rennie Mackintosh. The nation, and city of Glasgow in particular, are now half way through a year of celebrations which honour and highlight the designer, architect and artist who epitomises “Glasgow style”.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh had a lifelong connection with Glasgow and visitors to the city will no doubt be familiar with masterpiece works across the city such as The Glasgow School of Art, The Willow Tea Rooms, Mackintosh House at The Hunterian, University of Glasgow, the villas Windyhill and The Hill House, Scotland Street School and the House for An Art Lover.

Born in Glasgow on 7 June 1868, Charles Rennie Mackintosh went on to be regarded as a leading figure in both the Scottish art world and also in European Art Nouveau. Mackintosh worked exclusively in Glasgow for decades and his genius has meant the city was left with a legacy of incredible work ranging from buildings and furniture to art drawings, glassworks and designs. Today Glasgow is home to the world’s pre-eminent collection of Mackintosh’s work and his cultural legacy is part of the fabric of the city’s identity.

The Charles Rennie Mackintosh Go Glasgow app

For those who are visiting Glasgow this year I encourage you to take in some of the works of Mackintosh whilst there. To honour and celebrate the man and his work, the City of Glasgow has installed an innovative network of Bluetooth beacons at all Mackintosh venues, such as the Scotland Street School Museum, Mackintosh at The Willow and many more.

Walking around the city, each beacon communicates with the Go Glasgow app to reveal the story of each building as you arrive or pass by. The app also provides practical information for each venue, Mackintosh news & events and a map of all the venues.

Mackintosh heritage

Charles Rennie Mackintosh is no doubt a hugely important part of the fabric of Glasgow. His works are celebrated across the world and he has influenced generations of artists and art lovers. ‘The Glasgow Style’ is part of the Mackintosh heritage left to Scotland. In 2018 as the city celebrates the incredible legacy and creative genius of one Glasgow’s greatest cultural icons we hope people can take in some of the 150th anniversary celebrations and connect with one of Glasgow’s most famous sons.

In this issue

Getting out onto the open road for many is the perfect way to see Scotland. A great and diverse number of road drives are now available in Scotland which allow visitors to take in stunning scenery, incredible history and unique places. Pulling over in charming towns or stopping at breathtaking vistas must be a highlight for many visitors and perhaps hitting the road will be on your next Scottish adventure?

Many may not consider Edinburgh to be a coastal city as they take in all that is historic sites across the Old and New Towns. However the city is surrounded by water and the Scottish capital is now looking at celebrating its water heritage. This summer a variety of projects are taking place to connect both locals and visitors to the nearly 30 km of shoreline that is on the doorstep of the city.

The ancient town of Kirkintilloch in Dunbartonshire dates back to Roman times when it was a fort on the Antonine Wall. Today the historic town is considered the ‘Canal Capital of Scotland’ and attracts a good number of water-borne tourists. However not all liquid was welcome as the town was dry for many years. Alcohol was prohibited from sale until 1967 however the town continued to have a rich cultural and industrial history which continues to be celebrated today.

Devastation at the Glasgow School of Art

As we go to press we have been shocked and saddened to learn that Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s iconic A-listed building, the Glasgow School of Art, has suffered a second terrible fire.

The Glasgow School of Art was undergoing restoration work after an earlier fire devastated its library in 2014 and was due to reopen in early 2019. This fire appears to have caused even more devastating damage and as a cruel twist taken place on the 150th year of Mackintosh celebrations.

We have reached out to the School to see how the Scottish Banner and our readers can help and will keep you posted at this incredibly difficult time as the city mourns the destruction of one of its most famous buildings.

Celebrating 42 years

With this issue we also celebrate our 42nd anniversary. What started above a Scottish restaurant in rural Canada, the Scottish Banner has been received by Scots across the world every month since 1976.

We thank our readers and advertisers for their incredible support and for helping us create a special community amongst the Scottish Diaspora.

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