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Gracing our front cover: Sam Heughan leads the charge for the series 3 return of Outlander this month. Photo courtesy of Starz/Foxtel.


September 2017 (Vol. 41, Number 03)

The Banner Says…

September is often considered a time of change. In the Northern Hemisphere many kids are settling into the new school year and back into a routine after a fun filled summer break. The weather begins its change and the nights slowly begin to draw in, as do the temperatures.

In the Southern Hemisphere of course the days grow longer and temperatures warm up to a lovely spring feel with gardens beginning to burst with colour and life.

When do the Scots gather?

One thing however that does not change is it is another month to enjoy Scottish events. I once had an advertiser who is not Scottish ask me, “When do the Scots gather?” I referred her to our online events page as it was a hard question to answer. We always seem to be gathering somewhere. This lady came back and was confused as she had expected one or two events a year and she was seeing hundreds listed. I suppose I am quite used to seeing dozens of events listed across several countries in this publication at any one time, but someone not connected to the Scottish community may be surprised by how much the community offers, and of course you don’t have to be Scottish to take part and enjoy.

Our events page often reads like a story of the diverse, active and passionate global Scottish community. One look at our events calendar will see there are many great things on this month to celebrate your connection to Scotland. Our regular readers will know in each issue we list a variety of Scottish events taking place and we urge our readers to get out there and support the people who run these great cultural spectaculars. The stage is set to showcase Scotland every week somewhere in the world. At any one time we also have hundreds of Scottish events listed at www.scottishbanner.com/events for example, these listing are updated weekly, year round and offer our readers, friends and followers information to plan an event near them or perhaps attend one when they are next in Scotland, or even at the other side of the world.

One of the world’s top Scottish events resources

We are proud to offer one of the world’s top Scottish events resources available from concerts, Clan events, Highland Games, Scottish festivals, Scottish dance and pipe band events and more. From January to December we hope something catches your fancy and if it does, tell your friends and family and let’s keep these events going and growing.

Last month I attended the Fergus Highland Games in Ontario, Canada and met many of our readers and friends. It was really great to see so many from Ontario where the Scottish Banner began, but also many who were visiting from various parts of both Canada and the USA at this event. I am not sure if there is such a saying but “Have kilt, will travel!” comes to mind.


Speaking of stories, this issue is a special one for us as we celebrate the global return of the television series Outlander. I remember seeing the author of the books, Diana Gabaldon, at Highland Games. This was long before the show came to be, but her passion for the characters and history of Scotland have propelled millions
of people around the world to fall in love with the books and now the show, with the third series of the TV show airing this month.

We are so honoured Diana took the time to be part of this issue we have also included some other Outlander themed stories as ‘Droughtlander’ ends this month. Outlander has done much for Scotland by awaking many Scots to their own story and has had a profound impact on both the tourism and film industries in the country.

The Outlander story seems to not only be an international best seller and People’s Choice Award winner, but a story in itself on how the
books and show are contributing to Scotland. This is unravelling before our eyes and it is amazing to watch.

Continued US expansion

Last month we launched the Scottish Banner at Books A Million stores across the USA. After this successful launch we are thrilled to further expand our footprint as we launch with this issue at Barnes & Noble locations around America.

This is in addition to our already robust distribution across Australia, Canada and New Zealand. We thank each and every reader for purchasing an issue whether it be at a shop or by subscription. These sales do so much to help us produce this publication and deliver a wee bit of Scotland to you each month.

We are also so thrilled to see many of our customers taking up our digital download subscription. This is giving those who want to read the Scottish Banner on their devices the option to do so. Our print edition is here to stay as many continue to want a physical paper and even say it is a more relaxing way to enjoy the Banner.

The publishing industry has to keep up with trends and in order to reach new readers and remain a relevant part of the community, we are excited to offer this choice.

In this issue

In this issue readers will find some varied stories to connect us back to Scotland. Another successful World Pipe Band Championships recently took place in Glasgow and this year was won by a Scottish band.

An amazing Scottish adventurer was honoured recently, Myrtle Simpson, who is considered the “mother of Scottish skiing” took her kids on an artic adventure fifty of years ago. This pioneering Scot still snow skis today at near 90 and must be considered one of the coolest grandmothers out there.

Conservation in Scotland remains an important industry and it is so great to hear that initiatives are being developed to save the iconic Scottish bird, the capercaillie. This bird has been under threat before and we hope has the spirit of Scotland in them to bounce back.

Anyone who has been to Edinburgh knows the city is like a museum. 101 objects around Edinburgh have been selected to represent the city’s incredible history
over the past 1000 years. I am sure many who have been have visited some of these fascinating objects, however if like me, there may be some you are not aware of and can plan to take in on your next visit.

Edinburgh, like Scotland itself, always has a story to tell.


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